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Happy World Goth Day!

Happy World Goth Day ghouls! 🖤

World Goth Day is a celebration every 22nd of May which is an opportunity to bring awareness to the gothic scene and to bring fellow goths together.

World Goth Day first began back in the UK in 2009 initially just as Goth Day, broadcasting a special set of shows on BBC radio 6. These shows aimed to showcase various music subcultures, including goth music, which typically aired on the 22nd of May.

It has since then evolved to a World Wide status into a way of celebrating all the cultural pieces of the Gothic subculture. This includes the fashion, art, literature and architecture. 

You can celebrate by engaging in a piece of Gothic subculture by attending a local Goth event, supporting your local Goth musicians, shopping with a Gothic small business, reading some Gothic literature or dressing in your favourite Goth fashion.

There is also a charity to support, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity that aims to curb prejudice and hatred against subcultures. 

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