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How to Recycle or Reuse your Pumpkin this Halloween 🎃

Halloween is fast approaching and we can't wait to get stuck in with all the spooky festivities! From pumpkin carving to baking pumpkin pie, we've got you covered in these tips on how to recycle and reuse all the bits you can from your leftover gourds. 🎃


1. Make a meal of it 🍽

Most pumpkins you can buy will be edible, even down to the pumpkin seeds. Make sure they are uncarved upon cooking and have been kept inside away from bugs and pests. Please also note that carving pumpkins may not have as much flavour as a pumpkin grown for eating.

A standard carving pumpkin will give you around 300g of pumpkin flesh which can be used as puree to make soups, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spread... the list goes on!

The pumpkin seeds can removed, cleaned and roasted to create a healthy snack or even used as a nut replacement in most recipes, such as pesto. 


2. Compost, compost, compost

Did you know that pumpkins are made of 90% water? Making them ideal for  compost material. Remove the seeds and chop the pumpkin before placing in your compost bin to prevent unwanted sprouts. 

If you aren't currently in possession of your own compost bin then check within your local area to see if there's a communal compost bin.


3. Create a new home for your plants 🌱

Uncarved pumpkins make excellent planters for your leafy friends! If the pumpkin is already carved you will need to come up with a creative way to stop the soil from escaping. 

Cut off the top, remove most of the flesh and all the seeds, then fill with soil and your plant. You can even pop your pumpkin back out on the front porch.

As time goes on the pumpkin will begin to break down inside, becoming a natural fertiliser for your plant. 


4. Make a wildlife feeder 

First start by chopping your pumpkin in half and remove all the seeds, you can roast them later! Then insert some sticks with the longer end on the outside so that the birds can use them as a perch. Tie two pieces of yarn together in the centre and pin the middle knot onto the outer bottom centre of the pumpkin half. You will then have 4 strands which you can use to tie up your pumpkin on a tree branch, ready to be filled with bird seed.

DIY: Pumpkin Feeder for Birds from on Vimeo.


Please ensure that your pumpkin is unpainted, not rotting or free of candle wax as this can be toxic to animals.


5. Spooky serving bowls

Yep, you heard correct! It's spooky serving bowl time. Cut your uncarved pumpkin in half and hollow them out as much as you can. Brush them over with some olive oil and seasoning then pop them on some baking paper lined with tin foil for about 35 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. These pumpkin halves will now be ready to be serving bowls for soups or dips at your next autumnal party. 


6. Donate your pumpkins to wildlife

Once the season festivities are all over, chop up your pumpkin into sizeable chunks and pop them outside for the wildlife to graze on. Please check that you aren't leaving them around an area hedgehogs frequent as pumpkins can give them upset stomachs.

Check in with your local wildlife centre to see if they are taking in donations, some towns will even do drive by pick ups! 

Please ensure that your pumpkin is unpainted, not rotting or free of candle wax as this can be toxic to animals.


We hope that these tips will help you recycle or re-use your pumpkins this spooky season!

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