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International Womens' Day

International Women's Day is today. This years theme is #choosetochallenge

Which makes us ponder about what challenges, whatever size, we can take on in our daily life to help progress towards gender equality.

Perhaps you can start by beginning conversations and challenging forms of gender assumptions.

"You can't do that, you're a girl." "Only girls likes that." "You wouldn't understand cause you're a woman." Maybe these have even been thoughts you've had yourself? Or about yourself. "They won't take me seriously cause I'm a woman"

There's no better time than right now to break nasty habits and thinking, especially about gender. We shouldn't be limited by our gender, so we shouldn't think these things or allow others to either.

Fun fact, International Women's Day held it's first gathering in 1911, and has been working towards gender parity for over 100 years!

You can learn more more and get involved over at

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