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Representing with Klara Fawn

Q. Hi Klara, Thank you for reaching out to us and volunteering to help us diversify our models and representation. Would you mind introducing yourself to our customers and telling us about your identity.
A. Thank you for having me! So I'm Klara Fawn and I am a trans woman, I guess my sexuality if you had to put a label on it would be pansexual but, I just like who I like really! I more look at myself as a woman more than anything.
Q. Why is it important for you personally to make sure your community is represented in fashion?
It is so important for representation to include EVERYONE. There shouldn't have to be barriers saying "well they can't do this, because of the way they look and where they come from.". I mean how ridiculous does that sound? Women, men, trans, enby and POC should be represented everywhere, we come in all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities and have every right to be represented in fashion, the high street and anywhere.
We are people, we exist, and we deserve the same opportunities as the "social norm" or "status quo", whatever that is.
Q. We love your look, how would you describe your fashion style?
A. Thank-you! I describe my style as a bit of a fashion chameleon. I tend to keep it 80's & 90's with a hint of 00's, Nancy Downs from The Craft is a big fashion inspiration to me as well as mixing up goth with girly.
I can look like Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens but all in black or Misty Day from American Horror Story, or Wednesday Adams, or like The Heather's, I change my style day to day and have different moods all the time. But I like it that way, it keeps it interesting.
Q. What was your first exposure to the goth genre and scene?
A. My first experience with goth culture was probably when I was about 12/13 and was watching movies like Ginger Snaps, The Craft, Elvira, etc.
Queen of the Damned was one of my faves and all I ever wanted was to look like the girls in that film! Although when I was about 14/15 I started dressing like a scene queen (don't get me wrong I loved it at the time but, it was more because the friends I made looked like that more than goth so I went with that).
Then at about 20 when I eventually grew out of it properly, I started growing into myself more and living my true goth fantasy. Finally looking like the girls I'd always wanted to.
Q. which of our Gothx bags is your favourite?
A. Definitely the Ouija Spirit Book Backpack, it is so me and fits my look so well! I'm also a fan of The Book Of Spells. I love the look of books as bags, there's something quirky and cool about it.
Q. and lastly if you could give any advice to the young trans people what would it be?
A. If I could give any advice whatsoever, it would be that you have your own time line to follow to be your best authentic self, not anyone else's, yours.
I see so many young trans people out there  as young as 14 (I was about the same age if not a tad older when I started experimenting and living as my true desired gender back in the late 2000's which was a very different time) which is great, but the other side of that is its pressurising a lot of young teens in that position that can't live their authentic selves at the moment albeit it still with unaccepting family, uncomfortable with how to present themselves, not sure what their friends will think, a number of things. I cannot stress enough, YOU HAVE TIME!
You will be your true self, it will happen, without a shadow of a doubt, but you need to not live by others' timeliness and do what makes you feel your best. Even if that means waiting a little bit longer. Please do not jump to conclusions and go in the full on deep end because you feel the pressure to be your true self, you have all the time in the world to figure out who that is!
Thank you so much for joining us and helping us to represent all our beautiful customers.
If you'd like to follow Klara you can find her on instagram as @theklarafawn

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