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New Backpacks!

You may or may not have spotted already but we've had some new additions to the website!

We've recently redesigned the nylon checkerboard backpacks with a slightly smaller print and slightly different varying colours. We've also added a brand new kawaii cute unicorn head backpack as well as a spooky scary skulls print backpack to suit both personalities. ☠️🦄

These backpacks are made with vegan friendly materials and are all fitted with our classic detachable, decorative chain. 


Keep scrolling down to see all the newness!


Kawaii Rainbow Unicorn Vegan Backpack - £25.99



Red Checkerboard Vegan Backpack - £25.99



Purple Checkerboard Vegan Backpack - £25.99


Grey Checkerboard Vegan Backpack - £25.99


White Checkerboard Vegan Backpack - £25.99


Spooky Scary Skulls Vegan Backpack - £25.99

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