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Our Favourite Vegan Hair Dyes

It's nothing new that the alternative community and coloured hair go hand in hand, however with the ever rising popularity of having coloured hair the hair dye market can be difficult to navigate for beginners!

Here at CHOKGothX we're awfully fond of dyeing our own hair (using vegan products of course) so we would love to share with you our favourite vegan hair dye brands and how to achieve something similar to some of our models.

Please note that we are not professionals.



First up we have Lunar Tides Hair. With over 50 shades ranging from pastels to deep dark tones there's just about something for everyone! The female owned brand started back in 2013 wanting to create a product that would suit everyones mood, pastel, bright or dark, and we think they've done that.

 Our friend and model Heavy Metal Momma achieved her glorious bright red shade using Lunar Tides Hair in shades True Lust and Blood Moon.


Next up we have Shrine. A zero single use plastic brand that aims to break boundaries and not your bank! Shrine have a variety of bold and natural tones to choose from that come in a dropper bottle to reduce plastic waste. It works by mixing the desired amount of drops with your fave conditioner to adjust the intensity.


One of our models and pals, Florence - @florencerosaria, used Shrine's Aqua coloured drops to achieve this beautiful mint blue mullet!


Next up we have an alternative hair dye OG! Stargazer. Stargazer cosmetics was created in 1978 to feature on a market stall at Great Gear Market on Kings Road London. In the 1980s the products were such a hit that they managed to expand their business and begin making their products in house. They are an affordable and reliable brand for hair dye.



 Our model and friend, Claudia - @emeraldxcloud, achieved her neon green dreams using a mix of Stargazer Lime Green and UV Green.



And lastly we have La Riche Directions. With over 40 years of hair dye production under their belt they are a well loved brand for a reason! Their hair dye tubs come premixed with a conditioning treatment and are a super affordable option for when you're in a pinch. 



Our GothX model and friend, Azariah - @azariah_moonstone, used a mix of Plum, Violet and Neon Blue to achieve her gorgeous purple toned hair.



 We would love to hear about your favourite hair dye colours in the comments!

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