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Out and About with Azariah Moonstone

We met up with the gorgeous Azariah Moonstone to have a beautiful safe distance photo shoot in the English countryside. Although you wouldn’t actually see a Goth in the wild normally, we think it’s about time you did.


we also asked her some questions along the way. 

Hey Azariah! Thanks for meeting up with us and for shooting in this beautiful location. We hope you don’t mind but we have a couple of questions as we stroll. 

Q: You have such a great look, have you always been a black and purple lady or has this developed over time?

A: Pretty much been through every colour of hair dye, but black and purple are my favourite colours and they’ve become my trademark with my statement hair so I just can’t part with them I love it to much !

Q: How did you learn to do such perfect make up?

A: Through lots of practice and YouTube tutorials !

Q: Which is your favourite bag we make?
A: I love the ouija board one!

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Definitely a goth girl at heart


Q: How have you been keeping busy in lockdown?
A: Mainly playing animal crossing but I’ve also been learning sign language !


Q: Where can people follow you?
A: Instagram @azariah_moonstone



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