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Terrify 'Em with Tissue: Paper Maché Mask Making!

Ready to get spooky and crafty? Let's make our own Halloween masks! 

Before you start make sure you have your supplies ready.

You will need:

  • balloons
  • PVC glue
  • water
  • bowl for mixing
  • paintbrushes 
  • tissue paper
  • card
  • paints
  • decoration

Now that you've got all your gear, you're good to go!

Step 1. Blow up your balloon to the desired size you would like your mask to be. 

Step 2. Now you have your balloon, it's time to mix equal parts glue and water to get your paste for the paper maché.

Step 3. Use a paintbrush to start painting your balloon with this glue and water mixture. 

Step 4. Tear your tissue up into strips and start laying the tissue on top of the paste to stick it to the balloon. Keep repeating the process of layering the glue and tissue paper until you feel you have a sturdy base (at least 3 layers). Try not to oversaturate the paper but don't be stingy either! Lay these strips as flat as possible! Once you have enough layers, put the mask aside to dry - this may take a few days. 

Step 5. Once completely dry, carefully pop the balloon with a needle. You don't need to patch up the needle hole as it won't be big enough to notice and you can always cover it up by cutting the eyes and mouth holes at that point. With the balloon popped, cut the ball shape in half and spread it out. This is where you can cut the shapes you want and make holes for the eyes and the mouth if desired. 

Step 6. Now comes the fun part! Use your card to shape features like a mouth, nose, ears, brow bone etc. Get as creative as you like!

Step 7. Once you are happy with these additions, start using the method of layering the paste and tissue paper to cement these to the balloon. Once you have enough layers, put the mask aside to dry again. 

Step 8. Ready to unleash your inner artist? Jazz up your mask by painting and decorating it however you like! You can add things such as glitter, leaves and hair to give your mask texture.

Voilà, your very own Halloween mask!! Why not gather some pals for a mask making and decorating shindig or indulge in a solo DIY project!

We'd be delighted to hear about your experience if you gave this a whirl!

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