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Up Your Style - Tips to take your wardrobe to the next level

With lockdown slowly lifting in the UK, here at ChokGothx we feel just like you. That's to say "oh no, I can't live in pyjamas anymore, I need to get dressed!"

But what to wear? And how to style it? Well here's some tips and tricks we've picked up along the way we'd like to share with you.

  • Basic doesn't need to be basic.

We all have staples in our wardrobe, the basics. Plain jeans jeans or skirt, plain top, together not something that makes a fashion statement but a good place to start with any outfit.

Just swap any item out for one of your favourite more statement pieces and you have a casual outfit that still stands out.

Swap your basic plain top for a graphic T. Swap those plain jeans for checkered trousers. Swap in a patterned skirt for that plain one.

The outfit is still lowkey but reveals your personality and style.

  • Accessorise!

Not everyone has standout statement pieces in their wardrobe. Plenty of people have a wardrobe filled with basic or plain clothing items, which is great for people who show of their flare and style with accessories. A neutral outfit is a great backdrop for accessories that steal the spotlight. 

Harnesses over a plain tank top are our favourite casual choice this summer, especially when the colours contrast. Black top with a lime green harness, get in! Or maybe a red t-shirt with black harness, classic goth colour combo! With so many brands creating new harness styles every day theres a harness for everyone, and every day of the week!

Or maybe you prefer belts? Fashion belts that do more than just holding up your trousers, or maybe they don't even do that. You can find belts in every clothing shop and online in a whole range of affordable prices, and you're not limited to only dressing the with trousers. Belts with skirts are a super cute look. And they're also adjustable in size, so they still fit even if your size changed during lockdown which *ahem* totally didn't happen to us.

Of course we can't forget tights or stockings! Maybe you still want to be lowkey with your outfit. That's cool, we love a lowkey outfit and fishnet tights are an alternative lady's best friend. An obvious choice is paired with a skirt. You can always pair with jeans and a crop top and have the waistband sit up on your waist higher than the jeans. If your jeans have those fashionable worn holes that everyone's mum says make us look like we can't afford a new pair, even better! The fishnets can peep through.

If you've been watching ToxicTears on youtube (we love her GRWM videos) you'll see she turns her tights and fishnets into bolero tops just by cutting out the crotch. Genius!

And of course we have to mention bags! 

Sometimes the unsung hero of an outfit, it holds on your important possessions and can be the pièce de résistance of your final look.

Bags are functional, so when choosing you also have to consider not only style but size.

A clutch to carry phone, keys and purse on a night out

A handbag so your hands are free to take a selfie of your cute outfit.

A backpack to store snacks, cause we all need snacks.

Whatever style and activity, ChokGothx have your back to keep you looking amazing. 

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