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If you like many of the world have started of 2021 with Veganuary, you'll be aware of how many items contain animal products, and not just food items.
With more people choosing a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle brands and businesses are coming out with more options and choice for people opting to not consume or use animal products.
Did you know that at Chok GothX we have plenty of vegan choices when it comes to our bags. Our main GothX line of gothic bags feature vegan leather (or pleather for the golden oldies). Vegan Leather is a lightweight alternative to traditional leather, so you can still rock that gothic chic without the animal products.
We also have a range of backpacks made from a variety of synthetic and natural fibres. Not only are these bags super fashionable but they are also spacious and durable, helping you make the most of your purchase

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